The Week in Energy Markets - Our New Newsletter Covering the Energy Markets

We have just launched a new, unique weekly newsletter covering the global energy markets. In short, in order to deliver our clients with the advice, data and strategies that they expect from us, we spend a large part of each week reading hundreds of articles, blogs & reports and analyze gigabytes of data related to the global energy markets. We're now curating this data and information in the form of a weekly newsletter, which is free of charge and delivered direct to your inbox, The Week in Energy Markets.

The Week in Energy Markets covers all of the global energy commodity markets - bunker fuel, coal, crude oil, diesel fuel, electricity, gasoline, gasoil, heating oil, jet fuel, renewable fuels and more - and topics ranging from hedging and trading strategies to fundamental analysis to changing regulatory requirements. The following is a sample of the stories we highlighted in a the first edition:

  • Biggest Oil Traders See Another Year of Pain as Glut Endures 
  • Coal Rises From Grave to Become One of Hottest Commodities
  • Banks’ Commodity Woes Deepen as Energy and Metals Earnings Hit
  • US Crude Stocks Plunge as Tankers Delay Arrival on Storm Warning

If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, you can do so via the following link: The Week in Energy Markets.