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The Week in Energy Markets covers all of the global energy commodity markets - bunker fuel, coal, crude oil, diesel fuel, electricity, gasoline, gasoil, heating oil, jet fuel, renewable fuels and more - including topics ranging from hedging and trading strategies to fundamental analysis to changing regulatory requirements. The following is a sample of the stories we highlighted in a recent edition:

  • Biggest Oil Traders See Another Year of Pain as Glut Endures 
  • Coal Rises From Grave to Become One of Hottest Commodities
  • Rebalancing in Crude Could be Pushed Back to 2018
  • The Chilling Logic of Gas Bulls
  • Saudi Arabia Ousts U.S. as Biggest Oil Producers
  • Banks’ Commodity Woes Deepen as Energy and Metals Earnings Hit
  • US Crude Stocks Plunge as Tankers Delay Arrival on Storm Warning

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