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Every business day our team analyzes gigabytes of data and reads hundreds of articles and reports related to the global energy commodity markets. Once a week we compile the most interesting and newsworthy items and send them to direct to your inbox in our highly acclaimed newsletter - The Week in Energy Markets.

The Week in Energy Markets covers all of the global energy commodity markets - bunker fuel, coal, crude oil, diesel fuel, electricity, fuel oil, gasoline, gasoil, heating oil, jet fuel, LGP, NGLs, renewable fuels and more - including topics ranging from trading and hedging strategies to fundamental analysis to changing regulatory requirements. The following is a sample of the data and information we have highlighted in recent editions:

  • Exposing the Past: Oil Hedgers Prepare for Crude Volatility
  • Natural Gas Prices Have Reached a Turning Point
  • Bets Surge on WTI Playing Catch-Up with Brent Price
  • How Have Gasoline and Distillate Crack Spreads Evolved?
  • Maybe the Coal Market Isn't Dead After All
  • Stock Levels Whipsaw the Propane Market
  • Airline Hedges Fuel Rally in Later Dated Oil Prices
  • The Forgotten Commodity That Will Outperform Oil and Natural Gas
  • Futures Spread: What It Says About Natural Gas Prices
  • The Far-Reaching Impacts of Low-Sulfur Bunker Fuels on Demand, Prices and Refining
  • Gasoline Stocks Are Rising Much Faster Than Usual
  • Natural Gas-Fired Generating Capacity Likely to Increase Over Next Two Years
  • Hydrocarbon Gas Liquids by Rail Data Adds Transparency to Rapidly Changing Markets
  • Petrochemical Firms Turn To LPG
  • World Energy Hits a Turning Point: Solar That's Cheaper Than Wind
  • The Global Coal Boom Finally Seems to Be Winding Down
  • Hedging Is About to Make a Comeback on Global Crude Oil Markets
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