Businesses, governments and organizations around the world rely on Mercatus Energy Advisors’ reputation as a global leader in energy hedging, marketing, supply, trading and risk management. Our advisory and research services are regularly recognized as among the best in the industry.

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Our distinct experience across the global energy markets allows us to unlock potential and create significant value for clients. The way we partner with clients not only improves their ability to mitigate risks, but also establishes sustainable, viable paths for growth and success. Powered by decades of experience, proprietary analytics and market insights, our global team develops and delivers solutions which position our clients to manage risk, seize opportunities, create growth and foster success at the intersection of their strategic objectives and the global energy markets.


Commercial Strategy

Changes occurring in the global energy commodity markets are creating new opportunities across the value chain. Our expertise in energy commodity hedging, marketing, storage, supply, trade finance, trading, transportation and risk management, uniquely positions us to partner with clients to develop and implement strategic initiatives which enable them to navigate the global energy markets with confidence and peace of mind.
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Research & Analysis

We combine quantitative and qualitative research and analysis to produce unique, actionable data and reports across the global energy markets - alternative fuels, coal, crude oil, electricity, natural gas, natural gas liquids and refined products. In addition, we also provide bespoke research and analysis to meet specific client needs.
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Supply & Trading

We utilize decades of hands-on, industry experience to help clients define, implement, manage and optimize their marketing, trading and supply activities. We advise energy consumers, marketers, merchants, processors, producers, refiners, traders, transporters, utilities and institutional investors around the world and across the energy value chain.
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Hedging & Risk Management

Our unique expertise in energy hedging and risk management, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the physical energy  markets, allows us to partner with clients to construct and implement sustainable energy hedging and risk management programs which position them to meet or exceed their risk management objectives.
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