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Our market intelligence services provide clients with unbiased, data-driven market insights, positioning them to make confident, strategic decisions in the energy, petrochemical and environmental markets.

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Musings - our highly cited blog - covers hedging, marketing, shipping, supply, transportation, trading, risk management and related topics across the entire energy commodity space - coal, crude oil, electricity, natural gas, natural gas liquids and refined products.

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The Week in Energy Markets

The Week in Energy Markets - our highly acclaimed newsletter - highlights the most interesting data, reports and trends across the global energy markets each week. Alternative fuels, coal, crude oil, electricity, natural gas, natural gas liquids and refined products - we cover it all. Join the more than 12,000 industry professionals who look forward to receiving it each week.

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Mercatus Energy Exchanges

Mercatus Energy Exchanges is a podcast - debuting in July 2024 - where we will have insightful one-on-one conversations with leading industry market experts -  analysts, brokers, executives, strategists and traders - across the markets and around the globe.

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Success Stories

Success Stories

Discover how companies like yours have experienced success by working with Mercatus Energy to capture opportunities, foster success and manage risk across the global energy markets.

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