Energy Trading & Risk Management Advisors

Commercial Airline

A commercial airline engaged us to advise on various aspects of its fuel price risk management policy, procedures and strategies. We partnered with them to develop a fuel hedging program which has proven to be successful and sustainable.

Crude Oil & Natural Gas Producer

An exploration and production company needed marketing, transportation and hedging expertise. Our team served as their interim commercial team, providing the required skills and experience to allow them to focus on their core business.

Electric Utility Company

An electric utility company engaged us to conduct an in-depth review of the company's natural gas hedging program. Our review helped the company modify their strategies to ensure that their hedging activities would meet their goals and objectives.

Energy Marketing Company

An energy marketing company engaged us to develop, implement and manage their natural gas liquids and refined product hedging and supply strategies. Our work ensures that they can focus on other core aspects of their business.

Food & Beverage Company

A food and beverage company needed to be able to better manage their fleet's fuel costs. We worked with them to develop an innovative fuel hedging program which ensures that their fuel costs are no longer subject to the extreme volatility of the global oil markets.

Independent Power Producer

An independent power producer engaged us to assist them in the development and implementation of a fuel hedging program. The result of the engagement is a program which ensures that their cash flows are more predictable and profit margins less volatile.

Law Firm

A law firm required subject matter experts in a complex litigation case involving their client, an energy marketing company. Our expertise helped the firm provide their client with a very successful settlement.

Management Consulting Firm

We partnered with the firm to facilitate the development of crude oil and refined product hedging strategies for their client, a refining and marketing company.

Mining Company

A growing mining company needed to better understand and manage their energy costs. We helped them develop sound and sustainable diesel fuel and natural gas supply and price risk management strategies.

Non-Governmental Organization

An NGO engaged us to determine how they could better manage the organizations exposure to volatile fuel prices. The solutions we provided ensures that they are able to accurately budget and manage their fuel costs.

Oil Trading Company

A global oil trading company was looking to expand beyond their core business. We helped them develop and implement strategies to which allow them to generate new business.

Passenger Cruise Line

We partnered with the company's executive management team to develop the company’s bunker fuel and marine gasoil price risk management program. We have also provided ongoing commercial and quantitative support for the company’s hedging activities.

Private Equity Firm

The firm was considering investing in new midstream and downstream businesses. Our work helped them evaluate the potential opportunities, risks and rewards.