Mercatus Energy Advisors provides client and data-driven, energy commodity market research and analysis to companies, governments and organizations. Our work positions clients to capture opportunities and mitigate risks across the global energy markets and around the world.


Crude Oil

Our crude oil market service provides an objective view of global crude oil prices as well as the key drivers and trends influencing crude oil markets. The service provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data, dynamics, trends and structure of the crude oil markets, positioning clients to better manage risks and capture opportunities.

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Refined Products

Our refined products market service provides unique, independent analysis across the refined products complex – diesel fuel, fuel oil, gasoil, gasoline, heating oil, jet fuel and kerosene. It is an essential resource for anyone involved in financial analysis, marketing, strategy, supply, trading, refining and risk management of refined products.

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Natural Gas

Our natural gas market service details how market dynamics are influencing natural gas prices, enabling clients to identify opportunities, mitigate risks and make sound strategic decisions. Driven by comprehensive data and market expertise, the service provides insightful analysis of the numerous fundamental and technical variables impacting natural gas markets.

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Our NGL & LPG market service provides in-depth analysis of natural gas liquids and liquefied petroleum gas markets. It’s an essential resource for anyone who requires a sound understanding of the opportunities, risks and trends in the propane, butane, ethane and natural gasoline markets.

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Energy Advisory & Research Services

We provide bespoke advisory and research services to companies, governments and organizations across the energy value chain, ensuring they are well positioned to make confident, strategic decisions in the always changing, energy commodity markets.


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