Oil & Gas Hedging, Risk Management & Trading Seminar
18-19 November 2015 | Singapore

This seminar took place 18-19 November 2015.  For information on our upcoming seminars please visit the following link: Energy Trading, Hedging & Risk Management Seminars.

Whether you believe oil and gas prices are moving higher or lower, one thing is for certain: volatility is here to stay. Our two-day energy hedging, trading & risk management seminar will provide you with the knowledge you need to not only survive, but thrive, in even the most volatile markets.

Seminar Highlights

  • How to utilize futures, swaps, options, collars and other hedging strategies to protect your company from volatile energy prices
  • How the ICE, NYMEX, OTC (over-the-counter) and physical energy markets operate, impact energy prices and provide you with the ability to mitigate your exposure to volatile prices
  • An in-depth look at the major crude oil, refined products and natural gas liquids trading hubs including Singapore, North Sea (Brent), Cushing (WTI), Arab Gulf, Northwest Europe (Rotterdam), US Gulf Coast, Mediterranean, New York and Mont Belvieu and how global products flows impact prices
  • An overview of the energy price reporting agencies (Platts, Argus, OPIS, etc.) and how the prices they publish impact your energy price risk
  • Hedging strategies for crude oil, bunker fuel, diesel fuel, fuel oil, gasoline, gasoil, natural gas liquids (NGLs), liquified natural gas (LNG), jet fuel and more...
  • How basis relationships impact energy prices and how to prevent basis risk from destroying your hedging program
  • How to develop and implement an energy hedging and risk management policy
  • A hands-on exercise where you will experience a “year in the life” of an executive who is responsible for managing an energy hedging program
  • Networking with industry professionals from around the world