Energy Trading & Risk Management - Analysis & Research

Mercatus Energy Advisors provides energy producers, marketers and consumers, as well as professional services firms, financial institutions, and institutional investors, with bespoke analysis and research regarding various aspects of energy commodity markets, trading, hedging and risk management. In addition, we also provide multi-client studies regarding topics which are of specific interest to our clients. 

Some of our representative analysis and research engagements include:

  • Market entry strategy for a financial derviative marketing business focused on energy commodities
  • Quantivative analysis of a cruise line's bunker fuel and marine gas oil price risk
  • Competitive analysis of a natural gas derivative marketing business unit 
  • Quantitative analysis of a beverage bottler's fuel hedging and procurement activities
  • Commodity risk analysis of a financal institution's oil and gas lending portfolio
  • Quantitative analysis of an airline's exposure to jet fuel price volatility
  • Economic analysis of the downstream, petroleum marketing and distribution industry
  • Market entry quantitative analysis regarding retail gasoline profit margins and hedging opportunities