Multi-Client Studies | Energy Hedging, Marketing, Supply & Trading

Mercatus Energy Advisors’ multi-client studies provide clients with focused research and analysis regarding specific opportunities, topics and trends in the global energy markets, which positions clients with actionable insights that are beyond what can be found in traditional market research reports.


Our forward-looking studies provide clients with a deeper understanding of future developments in regional and global energy commodity markets. Our analysis helps clients prepare for changes in markets and provides them with greater confidence to develop and execute strategic plans.


Mercatus Energy Advisors’ multi-client studies surpass the breadth and depth of traditional market research reports as our studies are very focused on specific topics, trends and opportunities which are of specific interest and importance to our clients.


All of Mercatus Energy Advisors’ multi-client studies are led by a team of subject matter experts who have specific insight and knowledge regarding the topics at hand as well as extensive energy hedging, marketing, supply and trading experience.


In addition to receiving our analysis and accompanying data,  clients also have access to the team who conducts the study - allowing them to increase their understanding of the analysis, data and information contained in the study. In addition, many clients ask us to provide them with customized workshops and interactive sessions which bridge the gap between the key conclusions of the study and their specific needs.


If you would like to learn more about or request a multi-client study please contact us.