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Crude Oil & Natural Gas Hedging Study

Hedging & Risk Management
Crude Oil, Natural Gas & Natural Gas Liquids

Mercatus Energy Advisors serves as an "outsourced" hedging, risk management and trading team to refiners and processors.  In this capacity we take a comprehensive approach to hedging, risk management and trading, helping our clients achieve their goals and objectives via the following:
  • Assess and understand your needs and risk tolerance
  • Advise you regarding hedging, risk management and trading strategies that match your goals and objectives
  • Facilitate the identification and selection of potential counterparties and clearing firms
  • Provide you with the best possible pricing via direct negotiations on your behalf
  • Assist in the execution of your hedging, risk management and trading transactions
  • Negotiate and review all transaction documentation
  • Accurately track and report your positions and contracts
  • Assist you in analyzing and trading various pricing structures e.g. index, fixed price, embedded options, etc.
  • Analyze your positions and contracts on a regular basis to ensure that you continue to meet your goals and objectives

If you would like to discuss how we can help you regarding hedging, risk management and trading please contact us.